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Which TREATMENT option is right for you?

  At Your Smile Denture Clinic we offer various implant prosthetic solutions to meet your specific needs and budget. During our in depth consultation we explain the possible treatment options and then refer you to our team of dentists/surgeons to determine if you're a candidate for dental implants. There are a wide range of benefits in receiving implant treatment rather than the conventional denture. When compared to a tissue supportive denture the implants will improve retention and stability within your mouth and use of denture adhesive is non-existent. The implants osseointegrate in the bone preventing bone loss. Denture implants could also increase your biting forces, which can allow you to enjoy certain foods again. In turn the breaking down of foods could aid in a normal healthy digestion. Implants can give you a comfortable fit, which improves the appearance, speech and functionality of your smile!

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